Message from the President & CEO

Toyo Keisokuki was founded in 1951 in Akihabara, Tokyo, which is well-known as the electronics capital of the world. As a technology-oriented trading firm that specializes in measuring instruments, we have been engaged in meticulous business operations that reflect the needs of our customers for well over a half century. In particular, our stores make the most of face-to-face sales and offer the latest measuring equipment. Just as popular as the section for such brand-new products is the section that offers so-called “resale” products (i.e., used items with warranties) and “recycled” products (i.e., used items without warranties). More than 2,000 such items are always on display or in stock for customers to pick up and examine.

In addition to customers who come to purchase needed products, there are also many who visit Akihabara to consult with us about problems and needs in relation to measuring instruments or simply to collect information on products. That is why we have a permanent showroom featuring the products of 17 major manufacturers of measuring instruments. We also focus our efforts on the provision of a wide range of services. They include hosting periodic technical seminars in collaboration with manufacturers, responding to consultations on anything related to measuring instruments through our concierges, and offering routine calibrations and repairs. We have recently been strengthening our structure so that we may proactively respond to needs in new fields related to measuring instruments, including Wi-Fi related market testing tools and fault-diagnostic devices that make use of ultrasound.

Furthermore, Gauge, which opened in 2016, has become very popular as a measuring instrument-themed bar that offers a relaxing space featuring vintage measuring and weighing instruments that were used in various industries from the early Showa period to the post-World War II years of recovery.

With an eye on offering customers a one-stop shop experience related to measuring instruments, Toyo Keisokuki will continue to work toward its goal of becoming a trading company that will be of excellent service to customers.

Hidetsugu Yamaki
President and CEO
Toyo Keisokuki Co., Ltd.