February, 1951 Former President, Masao Yamaki, established a private company at Radio Center in Akihabara, Tokyo.
The company handled and sold of electronic tests & measurement products and electronics parts mainly to educational institutions, such as universities and laboratories of large companies.
January, 1957 Reorganized and established Toyo Keisokuki Trading Department as a limited company. Capital: $5,000.
July, 1969 Company name changed to Toyo Keisokuki Co., Ltd
April, 1971 Moved Head Office to the present location, 1-3-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Consisted of 3 shops: Radio Center Shop 1, 2 and Head Office Shop.
December, 1974 Capital increased to $20,000.-
March, 1980 Hidetsugu Yamaki joined Toyo Keisokuki Co., Ltd.
Worked at Leader Electronic Corporation from 1977.
February, 1983 Capital increased to $40,000.-
October. 1989 Hidetsugu Yamaki was appointed as CEO of Toyo Keisokuki Co., Ltd.
February, 1985 Capital increased to $120,000.-
April, 1986 Started sales of guaranteed used test measurement instruments and PCs by sponsorship ORIX Rentec, Yokogawa Rental & Lease and Nippon Elevator.
April, 1987 Completion of Keisokuki-land Building at current location. Keisokuki-land Showroom opened on the second floor.
It was the first in the industry to exhibit brand new instruments by major manufacturers.
June, 1988 Established Custom Corporation as a Manufacturing Division.
Started OEM products manufacturing under the Custom brand.
July, 1992 Opened Radio Center Shop 3.
Started sales of physics and chemistry equipment at Shop 2.
Opened Used Products Sales Center on the 3rd floor in Keisokuki-land Building.
March, 1995 Established Toyo Tech Co., Ltd. In the calibration business sector.
September, 1995 Signed business partnership with Sytech, former Sanyo Electronic Trading Co., Ltd. (Korea).
December, 1996 Toyo Tech Co., Ltd acquired the ISO-9002 certification.
April, 1997 Opened guaranteed used PC shop named ORIX Rentec Akihabara Sales Center PC Land next to Keisokuki-land Building.
October, 1999 Opened guaranteed used PC sales floor PC Friends on the 5th floor in Keisokuki-land Building.
November, 1999 Business alliance with Toyotech Eengineering Sdn. Bhd in Malaysia as an overseas base of the calibration business.
February, 2000 Established Inforus Inc. Japan in Vietnam as an overseas base of the calibration business.
July, 2000 Toyo Tech Co., Ltd acquired ISO/IEC Guide 21.
October, 2000 TOYO TECH CO., LTD acquired ISO/IEC Guide 21.
October, 2001 Established Toyo Soluna Tech Co. Ltd. as a foreign base of the calibration business in Hong Kong and Zhuhai in China.
February, 2002 Opened eating and drinking place named Chakra on B1 of Keisokuki-land Building as one of the businesses of Toyo Keisokuki Group Company, M I Planning Co., Ltd.
December, 2003 Opened Radio Center Shop 3 as Fluke Shop.
December, 2004 OPEN! Radio Center Shop 3 as “FLUKE SHOP”.
June, 2008 Opened Hioki Shop in Radio Center.
February, 2011 Signed exclusive distributor agreement in Japan with Picotest, test & measurement manufacturer in Taiwan.
November, 2013 Signed exclusive distributor agreement with the Wireless Communication and Design and Development Service Division of RTX A/S of Denmark.
Main products are DECT Tester and Bluetooth Testers.
Territories are Japan, Japanese companies in the world and South Asian countries.
June, 2014 Established Toyotech Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City as a calibration and sales company in Vietnam.
January, 2015 Signed Tier 1 Distributor Agreement with US company Netscout Systems regarding its tool business, manufacturer of handheld products for wired/wireless network trouble shooting, and PC-based Wi-Fi network environment surveys and analysis products.
July, 2016 Opened food and bar Gauge as one of the businesses of M I Planning Co., Ltd on the 1st floor in Keisokuki-land Building.
August, 2019 Signed Tier 1 Value Added Distributor Agreement with LinkRunner LLC of US which is former NETSCOUT Tool Business Division.
It established new company and the brand name is “NetAlly”.
Continue to develop and manufacture Handheld products for Wired/Wireless Network trouble shooting and PC based WiFi Network Environment Survey and Analysis products.
October, 2019 Signed Exclusive Distributor Agreement with UNI-Trend Technology of China.
Manufacturer of Handheld General Meter, Crump Meter, Environmental Tester, Benchtop Instruments, …