Export Control

On the Export of Products Handled by Toyo Keisokuki

Dear Customers,

The framework related to trade control has undergone significant modification with the changes in the global security environment. The purpose of export control has shifted from the prevention of the outflow of strategic goods to former communist bloc countries, to the prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction to all regions and the prevention of the excessive transfer and accumulation of conventional weapons. In addition to the screening of the specifications of regulated items, the screening of the end user and end use has also become even more important.

We have recently received requests for the strict confirmation of matters, including about the end user, from several manufacturers whose products we handle. If you plan to continue the overseas export of products (including used products) handled by Toyo Keisokuki, or plan to take such products out of Japan temporarily, we ask that you submit an export notification (written request for the preparation of a parameter sheet) to us in advance. We will trust the integrity of the content you submit to us (e.g., regarding the end user and end use) in the submitted export notification and check it against the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

To ensure strict compliance with export control-related laws and orders, we ask our customers once again to ensure a firm understanding of the content described in the export notification and thank you for your cooperation.

Export Control-related Matters to Confirm

Purpose of Use

If you plan to export or temporarily take out from Japan a product handled by Toyo Keisokuki, please provide us with an advance notification of the destination, end user and end use.

Notification of Party to Whom an Item is Being Resold

If you plan to resell an item to a party in or outside Japan, please notify the party to whom the item is being resold of the above listed matters.

Confirmation Letter on Controls for Export to a Regulated Destination

Depending on the content, we may ask you to sign a confirmation letter to the effect that you will not take or transfer the relevant product or technical information to a regulated destination (described below) without advance authorization of the Government of Japan.

Regulated Items

Products, software, parts, technical information, maintenance, services, etc., are subject to the controls.

Regulated Destinations

The regulated destinations for the export of products (including used products) handled by Toyo Keisokuki are as follows: North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Cuba and Sudan.

Supplementary Export Control

This is a new export control related to those products and technologies that were not controlled in the past for the reason that their technological levels were low. It was implemented under the global awareness of the need to control any item, even a non-regulated item, if an exporter knows that it will be used for the development of a weapon of mass destruction. Please be sure to check the end use without fail as there are cases in which a non-regulated item may be in conflict with the supplementary export control and become subject to regulations.

* Please note that the above is subject to change due to a revision of the law, etc., on which it is based.